Minoxidil Reviews

by Two Bits on Regenepure Reviews
Patience is Rewarded with Hair growth

I've been using Precision for a couple months now. I'm diligent about the morning dose, but not so much the evening one. Even so, I can see a thickening and even some regrowth near my hairline. Best part about this product is that its a spray and not a dropper. 4 sprays on towel dry hair and I can even style with it (imagine a very weak gel).

Highly Effective Spray Better then Lipogaine

This product came highly recommended from a friend who had recently switched from Rogaine to this product. He loved being able to spray it to target specific areas, and of course he said it worked (I could also tell that his hair looked much thicker and fuller). So, I gave it a try and…. It works, it works, it works. It’s a highly effective spray. What I liked most about this product is it being a spray. It makes it so much easier to use than Rogaine. I’ve had great results with Precision Minoxidil Spray --- I have great accuracy when I need to pinpoint specific parts of my hair that need growth. My fiancée has commented about how my hair looks and feels thicker and I can also tell after using this spray. Two thumbs up.

by Sammy Z on Regenepure Reviews
Worth the higher price! Includes important ingredients missing from Rogaine!

Best topical cocktail available on the market to regrow hair. Much better than straight Rogaine. You will feel and notice the difference. Accept no substitutes! The mild acid dramatically improves penetration of the scalp, ingredients like saw palmetto enhance dht blockage (note: saw palmetto has only been scientifically proven as a blocker when used topically on the skin). If you have only tried Minoxidil 5% or lower, try this. It costs more, but its worth it.