Lipogaine is a treatment solution to fight hair loss. What sets it apart from so many other similar treatments is that it works by both reducing DHT levels AND stimulating hair growth. Lipogaine combines hair growth stimulator, proprietary herbal blend DHT blockers and Vitamins into one formula. This can save the consumer a lot of money by getting more of what is needed to fight hair loss in one product.

Does Regenepure DR Really Work?

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Regenepure DR is a hair loss shampoo that says it not only gives your hair a good cleaning, but your scalp as well. If you’ve spent any time researching these kinds of products, you’ll probably roll your eyes at the same claims being used again and again. However, you have to persevere if you want […]

Does Minoxidil for hair loss cause sexual side effects?

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It takes a few months to see any results from applying minoxidil, so as far as that aspect of your question, everything seems normal. However, Pfizer doesn’t list any sexual side effects that result from the use of minoxidil for hair loss. Furthermore, I have not seen any posts on the Hair Restoration Research Forums […]